News: Boost Mobile. Is It Hot or Not

Boost Mobile. Is It Hot or Not

You and I know that everyone's lookin for a killer deal for cellphone service. A lot of us hear about good deals for the plans, or who's got the hottest phones at the moment. Though most of us these days are just looking for something simple, that has all we need, and is fairly cheap too. But how cheap is too cheap?

Boost Mobile, who is owned and operated by Sprint sounds like a killer deal. The most popular plan is $50 Unlimited talk, text, data, walki talki (on iden phones). $50/mo for all that, how can you live at that speed? 

It's simple really. You pay a low price for the service and get all 3-4 things we use on a daily basis. However you do pay anywhere from $39.99 - $399.99 for the phones. 

Here's the catch though. Good deal and cheap, but the problem is, is that Boost being a prepaid service. It only runs on Sprints pre-paid towers. Meaning what Sprint customers get, you don't. Also, if you have a problem with anything. They don't really wanna help you...

You would have an outtage in your area for days, if not weeks and they'll only credit you $10 to the account. They won't even give you back the days you spent without service.

The other part that makes this good deal really a crap shot is that the customer service reps don't hardly speak any english. So you'll find yourself repeating yourself over and over again. Then when they do finally get what your saying. Their so lost in trying to figure out what's going on, half of your services probably won't work.

However. If you have Boost in your area with good coverage. Take it. Just don't call 611 if you don't have too. And also... Here's a little trick to getting to a live rep within 1min. 

Once you hear "Thanks for calling Boost Mobile", dial 88 on your phone, and it'll take you to the dealer center. Simply tell them your a consumer and you need help. They'll help you out right away.

My best advice. If you looking for good cheap service, with alot of coverage. Go pre-paid with another company. Boost just isn't a company I'd call a "good deal".

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